Nickel-based Superalloys have been developed for very high temperature applications where relatively high stresses are encountered and where high surface stability is frequently required. Nickel is a very versatile metal with many applications in the aerospace industry. It’s ability to alloy with a wide range of metals has brought it to the forefront of metallurgy. Nickel alloys possess high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in aerospace applications where elevated temperatures are present. Cobalt is a strategic and critical metal used in many diverse commercial, industrial, and military applications. The largest use of cobalt in the aerospace industry is to make parts for gas turbine aircraft engines. Heat resistant alloys of nickel and cobalt are used where high temperature performance, particularly creep resistance, is required. These alloys have been typically selected for gas turbine components such as blades, turbine wheels and latter stage compressor disks, which are subjected to long term rotational stresses and high temperatures.

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